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Joshua's body box opening

Sometime around the end of January, I received what should have been Joshua's Impldoll pink skin body. Impldoll sent me the wrong skin though, with only the body's right forearm being pink. I sent them some pictures and they agreed to send me a new body in the right color.

A little over a month later (the first body took a little under a month), I e-mailed again for an update on the new body. They didn't reply within the day, but sent me an EMS tracking number the very next day. The body took 4 days to arrive to my country (2 days being over the weekend), but got stuck in Customs for 10.B| Nonetheless, on the morning of the 22nd, I finally got a hold of the box--

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Welcome Fahkeer super mini-meet

Jugi's Ahkeer (DOT Lahoo) came home on March 1. Jan arranged a mini-meet to properly 'welcome' him into MM, but it turned into a super mini-meet when ate Ricci couldn't catch up, and Marie, well, pulled a Marie on us. And then Jugi switched Ahkeer's head for her free Dream Head, so 'Fahkeer' appeared instead."orz Nonetheless, here's a picspam of the boys who came~.

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Pics + Ceth's new wig

Josh might be my favorite, but Ceth's definitely the cuter of the pair and the camwhore. We went to the park last week with Jan and Jared, and Josh spent most of it in their bag:

while Ceth stayed out even when it drizzled (it's not obvious in the pics though):

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Wigs also came today so whee~ he looks closer to himself!♥ (Green eyes are next~.)

They're so adorablllle.>//<♥


Dae's Visit

Jan, who I had lunch with everyday for the past week, borrowed Dae from Arvie. Because I am so totally NOT buying a Lati-Y, I borrowed her for one night (with Arvie's permission of course). I usually send my boys to bed at 10 or 11, but I love Dae's expressions so much that I let them stay up until much later. These are pictures from that night.

* Ceth is Ashe's best friend, who Dae considers a 'sissy'. That makes Ceth one too, by association, but he doesn't mind the title as much as Ashe does.
* Josh trains under Aahil alongside Hyesu, who is Maud(grown-up Dae's)'s boyfriend. She doesn't mind his company as much as she does Ceth's.
* Ceth is a veritable audiophile, but a frustrated guitarist. We discovered Josh is much better at it, but have no idea where he picked up the skill.
* Much thanks to Arvie for the Lati-speak.

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Helios' body box opening

Brief history: I ordered Joshua's body from Impldoll on my birthday last year, Dec. 22. By January 11 they said they've shipped my order, and after waiting nearly three months for my boys, that kind of speed is pretty damn dizzying.@_@ Anyway, I tracked the package for about a week, saw it get stuck in Beijing, and figured the held up was because of the Chinese holidays. On the 20th however, EMS-tracking said my order had reached Russia.O_O

I quickly posted at Impldoll's Q&A board, and thank god they hadn't taken their vacation yet. It turned out that they gave me the wrong tracking number, and the package I had been tracking all along wasn't mine at all. Mine had already arrived in the country on the 16th. I waited another week and... still nothing.

Which was actually kind of a good thing since I had my order sent to my officemate's house, and that week was when our CEO came to visit our branch.^^; It got delivered to his house on Friday, the 27th, and he decided to surprise me with it. I was spazzing so hard at work until I realized that I had neither Joshua's head, nor the patience to get home before diving into the box. So yes, please have an office headless body box opening."orz

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Tokyo Cafe Mini-Meet

This one started out as a lunch date between myself (Kanis), Mei, Jan, Arvie and maybe-Marie. About a week before the lunch date however, Ricci announced for a mini-meet, 'esp. for her clients'. Mina also dropped by to hand out some of the Leeke GO wigs. We had to move once, and occupied three tables of Tokyo Cafe, iirc. It was pretty comfy, unless you sat 'inside' and needed to use the restroom, lol.

It's 1:22 AM and I'm really sleepy, so please excuse the lack of witty captions.^_^; All pics are links to larger copies!♥

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Happy Holidays!!

Holiday greetings from me and my boys~!Collapse )

So cute.♥

Like every year for as long as I can remember, we spent Christmas Eve with my extended family on the mother-side. This is Josh and Ceth's first Christmas with us, and I took them up to our ancestral home's second floor for a quick photoshoot.

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I took a shot of the view too (an open field with a line of trees on the horizon, underneath a pretty twilight sky), but my camera couldn't handle the dimness.=( In fact, all of these shots were taken in near-darkness, with those by the door not showing up on my camera screen at all. It was only later that night that I realized the stairs' light wasn't broken; I just had the wrong switch.orz

The first two pics were taken in poor lighting conditions too: our dark living room and my fluorescent-lit room respectively. I never liked flash photography, but I've found a pretty good reflector-- a holiday card from 2008. *giggles* Considering my first "good" shot of Josh was this, I think I've improved a tiiinsy bit and hope to do so more and more./o/

Profile: Cethrel Jean Kyriel

Loving something doesn't necessarily equate to having the ability for it, and skills are innate and not acquired through practice. His parents taught him this, and even though his one true love is music, Ceth has long given up on his dream to be a musician. And why not? He was obviously a genius at video game production, the eldest son of the CEO of Kyriel Co., Ltd. The game developing company has released several best-selling RPGs in the past decade, two of which Ceth had helped write the storyline for himself.

Name: Cethrel Jean Kyriel
Nicknames: Ceth, Shouchan (Kyriel Co., Ltd. Japanese branch), [the other] Sissy (Dae/Maud), my caroteer (Ashe), "Innuendo Prince"
Sculpt: Souldoll Soulkid Maillo
Arrival Date: 11/11/11
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Orientation: Bisexual
Likes: music, games, Ashe, Hyuna, Josh
Dislikes: people who mishandle electronics, anyone who upsets Ashe, Hyuna or Josh, the aforementioned three being mad at him, any guy who gets too close to Hyuna, loud, grating noises
Skills/Hobbies: listening to music, playing and developing games, writing RPGs, teasing/flirting with Ashe


Joshua. Ceth treats Joshua like a twin rather than his clone, and insists on calling the other 'niisan' (brother). He's disappointed by the fact that they are not completely identical, while completely ignoring the reality that he would be dead right now had they been. Ceth also considers Josh to be 'more beautiful' than himself despite his scar. As his 'older brother' (though Joshua is technically younger by several years), Josh is one of the few people who can keep Ceth in line. He rarely does so however, which makes Ceth act out more in order to gain his attention.

See Joshua's profile for more information.

Ashe. Ceth's bestfriend, first love, and the one who taught him how to love others again.

Hyuna. Ceth's girlfriend, true love, and the one who taught him how to love himself again.

Hyesu. Hyuna's twin brother.

Jared. Jared's and Ceth's fathers were college best friends, and the two boys' families have always been close. In Japan, it's not unusual for children to use the honorific '-niisan' for slightly older friends they consider to be like siblings. But Ceth insists that brothers is being too familiar, and instead calls Jared 'cousin'. Jared, like Ashe, doesn't understand most of Ceth's sexual innuendos. Unlike with Ashe however, Ceth takes pleasure in Jared's confusion but easily gets bored of it.

Jared is a DOI Crush and stays with Jan.


Profile: Joshua

Joshua was the closest they could get to a perfect clone of the Kyriel heir. His hair turned out a different color however, and no amount of exercise or supplements could get his body to develop. Considering the scientists were able to solve the problem of age appearance and intelligence, some would consider these drawbacks to be somewhat laughable.

Name: Joshua [Kyriel]
Nicknames: Josh, No. 10-8 (Research Facility), Niisan (streetkids&Ceth), Yoshiya (Kanis)
Sculpt: Souldoll Soulkid D.Maillo
Arrival Date: 11/11/11
Age: actually 10, appears to be 16
Gender: Male
Orientation: Asexual?
Likes: skylines and views from high places
Dislikes: Ceth calling him 'niisan'
Skills/Hobbies: Negation, reading, story-telling, star/cloud-gazing

Ceth. While pleasantly surprised to find that his 'source' does not detest him, Joshua is constantly irritated by Cethrel's insistence to call him 'niisan'. He believes that Ceth has not suffered anywhere near as much as the facility's Children, and that sharing the endearment they used to call him with is an insult to their name. Nonetheless, while Joshua appears to dislike Cethrel and will have as little to do with him as possible, he genuinely cares for the other boy and would be the first to jump into action should anything bad happen to his source.

Jared. When Ceth found out that Jared was going to attempt high-level fire magic, he insisted that Joshua be there as his 'human fire extinguisher'. Although initially incensed by the moniker, Josh eventually agreed. On their first training session together, Josh saved Jared's life and improved his own ability to negate others'. Since then the two are often seen sitting next to each other when together; with Jared trying to master the state of mind Joshua's presence forces him into, and Joshua taking the opportunity to hone his ability in the off-chance that Trish goes berserk again.

Jared is a DOI Crush and stays with Jan.


Josh and Ceth's box opening

It was August 4, Thursday, when I first saw Soulkid D.Maillo. I kept coming back to his page for the next four days and knew I had to have him, but the BJD hobby is so expensive and I didn't want to jump into it just because of a whim. And so I promised myself that if I still wanted him by Christmas, I'll order him then.

August 8, Monday, D.Maillo suddenly disappeared from the Soul-kids page.x_X I found him through the Search bar, breathed a sigh of relief, then noticed that he was placed under 'Creased Dolls'. Minutes later, Souldoll announced that he and several other sculpts were going to be discontinued.


I'll spare you the details of the dramu that happened afterwards. Suffice it to say that because of that, and the off-chance that we might beat customs, I had my boys sent to my officemate's house in Laguna. After nearly three months of waiting time (ordered August 18), his sister picked the box up from the post office on 11/11/11. What an awesome date for their bday~!♥

Now on to the pics./o/
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