Josh and Ceth's 1st birthday.x3

It's Josh & Ceth's first birthday! I wanted to buy ice cream and cake to celebrate, but I'm still quarantined at home because of chickenpox.=/ I couldn't muster up the energy for a photoshoot of them either. Ah, I'm such a bad owner. But here's the Doll Changes Meme by onegreyelephant. Marie tagged all of us awhile back in her own answer to the meme. Sorry it took so long, bb, but I wanted them to reach their first birthday first.x3

And here's how each of them changed in the past year, as well as some notes on what I still plan to do with them. Click for bigger view!

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Body Box Opening III

I've got two headless bodies underneath my bed right now, and have no idea who is getting which.@_@ I bought this MNF body for Helios (DOC Tender Too), but if the proportions don't work out, then I might just give it to Joshua. I really don't want to get his head blushed to match though, and he's a bit of a small-head on the body too. Ah well, we'll see. Doll plans what are they.

This body is my first ever 'adoption'. I bought it off the DoA Marketplace from Pinkmaltese1. She originally planned to sell her Luts MNF El (with both heads with face-up) for a hundred dollars, and I e-mailed her that he's worth a lot more. She looked around for his receipt and found out that she bought him for five hundred. She got a lot of offers for him but after raising his price to 350, no one wanted him anymore. I suggested splitting him up since she really needed the money. She found a buyer for his OE head pretty quickly, and I got the body. The SP head is still for sale here.

Anyway, on to the box opening./o/ This is my first ever USPS box, and my first box opening done at home.>w<

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Ceth's new eyes

Originally, Ceth was going to have green eyes in two shades. The right one was the one he was born with, while the left one was just a transplant. As my resin kids' story goes, Ceth was kidnapped when he was 6, but his father got him back through money and connections. The syndicate had already removed his left eye by then though, to make a clone out of and replace him with once he'd inherited his family's businesses. Joshua (the clone) has one blank, gray eye, but it's actually green underneath all the accumulated magic the syndicate used in their experiments. When he uses his power of 'negation', the magic clears up and Ceth's green eye is revealed.

...Yeah, talk about complicated. Not to mention, Eye Scream. So I ditched the idea and just got him a pair of green eyes, when MakoEyes held their second round of the 2 for 1 event. (Note that they'd actually accept orders for mismatched pairs; I saw someone ask in Q&A.)

He looks so...serious.;_; In the second one not as much, but I had to kneel on the floor and tilt his head up for that. IRL it's even worse. And, as gorgeous as he looks, his aura just lzdjflkdbothers me. I failed to capture it with the cam, but he looks like he's always scheming something. Like he doesn't expect a lot from other people and mistrusts all of them. Which is--haha--ironically what he was like before he met Ashe, but nuuuu. I want my sweet, witty, happy prince of innuendo back please.;_;

Do I just need time to get used to his new eyes? Reposition them? Buy a new wig or get him a new face-up? I don't want to rewrite his character but it's starting to seem like it doesn't fit his mold at all. And how do you make an MSD look cute without making him look like a girl?!"orz

(Next on the list: Glasses and headphones from HK!)

BJD Meme

This is a BJD meme moptech found in flickr, and asked the MM folks to do a little over a week ago.^_^

1. From all the dolls you own, who is your favorite? Why?

          Joshua/Yoshiya. My favoritism between him and Ceth is so blatant that even my family has picked up on it, lol. Ceth has gone to visit 4 different MM members' homes now, while Josh will never, ever leave me. He's the doll who got me into this hobby, the single sculpt who has really 'called' out to me (very, very strongly), and the one who keeps me and my main muse centered. I'd hate to come home from a bad day and not have Josh there to hold.~_~

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Pao's Despedida Meet

One of MM's new(ish) members, Pao, is migrating to Australia this Friday, June 15. MM held a despedida meet just for him last Saturday (June 9) at the Cafe Mary Grace in Greenbelt 2. Afterwards, we had a fun dinner at My Thai. No tears were shed, much laughter had been had, but it was still more than a little sad.=( We'll see you in December, Pao!

Bye-bye, Pao!;;

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We'll miss you, Pao!

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Ozine 2012 Day 2 + Secret Recipe Mini-meet

Ozinefest 2012: Day 2
MM got invited to do a doll display at Ozinefest 2012. While initially skeptic due to the organizers' poor communication, MM decided to go for it, and I think everyone who came enjoyed the experience.^_^ I went on Saturday (Day 2) because of work, and here are my share of pictures~:

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Secret Recipe Mini-Meet

Ricci found this 80% off deal on Secret Recipe's Unlimited Cakes and Coffee experience. Ricci, Arvie, Nix and I bought one voucher each, and Marik, Anj and Janine also came to hang with us. We spent most of the afternoon talking about anime and Disney movies rather than dolls, but I think this one qualifies for a mini-meet (as opposed to maxi-meet) number of dolls and owners-wise? Anyway, here are some pics~:

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And the end! See you all at the Summer Meet.o/