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Profile: Joshua

Joshua was the closest they could get to a perfect clone of the Kyriel heir. His hair turned out a different color however, and no amount of exercise or supplements could get his body to develop. Considering the scientists were able to solve the problem of age appearance and intelligence, some would consider these drawbacks to be somewhat laughable.

Name: Joshua [Kyriel]
Nicknames: Josh, No. 10-8 (Research Facility), Niisan (streetkids&Ceth), Yoshiya (Kanis)
Sculpt: Souldoll Soulkid D.Maillo
Arrival Date: 11/11/11
Age: actually 10, appears to be 16
Gender: Male
Orientation: Asexual?
Likes: skylines and views from high places
Dislikes: Ceth calling him 'niisan'
Skills/Hobbies: Negation, reading, story-telling, star/cloud-gazing

Ceth. While pleasantly surprised to find that his 'source' does not detest him, Joshua is constantly irritated by Cethrel's insistence to call him 'niisan'. He believes that Ceth has not suffered anywhere near as much as the facility's Children, and that sharing the endearment they used to call him with is an insult to their name. Nonetheless, while Joshua appears to dislike Cethrel and will have as little to do with him as possible, he genuinely cares for the other boy and would be the first to jump into action should anything bad happen to his source.

Jared. When Ceth found out that Jared was going to attempt high-level fire magic, he insisted that Joshua be there as his 'human fire extinguisher'. Although initially incensed by the moniker, Josh eventually agreed. On their first training session together, Josh saved Jared's life and improved his own ability to negate others'. Since then the two are often seen sitting next to each other when together; with Jared trying to master the state of mind Joshua's presence forces him into, and Joshua taking the opportunity to hone his ability in the off-chance that Trish goes berserk again.

Jared is a DOI Crush and stays with Jan.
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