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Souldoll double box opening~

Whoa. It's been awhile since I've posted here. Well, I wonder if people still even check LJ, haha.^^; Anyway~ here's my new kids, Peter/Hiver and Dubbins', box opening~.


Back in Winter 2011, Souldoll released their first Soulkid Sandy Brown boys. I was instantly smitten by Shaun, but I'd just received my boys and been in the hobby for less than a month--there was no way I was going to order a third doll right away. And besides, it wasn't like he was a limited. A few months after their release however, Souldoll announced that the Sandy Brown was hard to work with and would temporarily be discontinued.""orz


Fast forward to 2013, Summer. Souldoll released Souldoll Sweet Sarri, and my first thought was that she looked so much like my online best friend, Dubs. I wanted to get her right away, but, again, I'd just received Nanashi, my Souldoll Issac...yeeeah, I'm pretty dang Souled.^_^;; Counting Shaun and Sarri, I now have five Souldoll sculpts in total. But, I'm getting ahead of myself.=)

October 2013, Souldoll announced that they would be taking orders for Sandy Brown boys. I wanted to wait for their Xmas event for freebies, but they added a note that they might close the order window prematurely without notice. They didn't, but I'd been waiting for Sandy Brown Shaun's re-release for two years, I wasn't going to take my chances! Well, that and my dad passed away the month before, and I needed something really good for myself...>_<

And then Souldoll's Winter event came in December, and while the freebies weren't as good as previous years, I still really wanted Sarri so I went ahead and got her too. To save on shipping, I requested Souldoll to ship them together and unstrung. It took three months for them to be finished (which is pretty standard Souldoll waiting time and something I've gotten used to) and last March, they finally arrived!! My company was in the middle of moving offices so they picked a terrible time to arrive, but, well, enough rambling. On to the pics~!

Image Image

Here's the box next to my Soulkid Issac, for reference on how small they managed to reduce the packaging to. Souldoll did an amazing job with my request. The second shot is a pic of Sarri's parts at the top of the box, Shaun's parts packed together at the bottom, and both of their heads were placed in the middle (not pictured 'cause I got a bit excited.^_^;; ). Freebies to the side and papers at the bottom, and another sheet of large bubble wrap on top of everything.^_^

Image Image

Here are the event gifts I got with Sarri. They're really cute on Trish but I'm not sure if she's keeping them. I also got the full set of optional hands for Souldoll Sweets which you'll see in the next set of pictures...

Image Image
Image Image

Have I mentioned that Souldoll packed this package really well? Here's Sarri's body, along with her optional hands. Shaun's body was packed similarly as well.


And finally, here are the two doll heads unpacked.<3 There are more freckles on Shaun's face than I'd expected, but I don't mind it all that much. He's equal parts cute and handsome, while Sarri's adorable even blank.x3

And with everything unwrapped, it was time to string the kids together, right? Wrong. My box opening glee came to a screeching halt when I realized that Souldoll had forgotten their S-hooks. And while I had an extra S-hook from a doll body I'm selling I could use for Sarri, the NL body requires a very specific kind of hook for its feet. Luckily Souldoll agreed to send the items to me, and sent them very quickly. Soon enough, I finally got the new members of my crew assembled!>w<

I made an arrival photostory for Shaun ("Hiver") which I'll place in the next post, but below are a few pics of my Sarri (in temporary wigs and clothes and with a temporary face-up). Her name is Dubbins and she's a mini-me of my online best friend Dubs.>w< The Souldoll Sweet (26cm) is so cute and tiny and poseable, I've been bringing her to work with me everyday and having lots of fun posing her on my table. She's my first tiny and I've got to say, I looove this size. I hope I can add more Yos to my crew someday.^_^

Image Image
Image Image

Aaaand that's it! Sorry I got a little wordy--it's been a long time since I've posted a box opening and I'm quite excited~. Thanks for reading all the way to the end and see you around the forum!!^_^
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