Kanis (dollground) wrote,

Trish and Ceth

Trish. This is Trish’s current face-up which I did almost a month ago. I never took a decent pic of it until today. Mostly because I don’t have the time to and partly because I don’t like it. I feel like I took a step back or something. She’s not cute and she looks more lifeless than she did when blank. It’s the first time in four face-ups that I’m not happy with her lips and there’s just something (or things) wrong with this face-up. I can’t figure out what though and it’s eating away at my confidence to try again.((T.T; )

Oh, and her wig is a mess.∑(O_O;)I haven’t had much time to play with my kids so I’m seriously wondering how it got so tangled with her just sitting down. 【・_・?】

Ceth. The first daylight pic of Ceth since he got a new wig!>w< He’s so adorable.<333 The headphones he’s wearing are from Crobidoll (for USDs, lol) and are just so perfect for him.>w< I was actually considering getting a new face-up commissioned for him, but this adorable picture convinced me that his current one would do for now. And besides, he needs new clothes. He’s been wearing the same outfit for more than a month now, ‘cause almost nothing else will fit the N.L. body.”orz

Tags: ceth, trish
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