Kanis (dollground) wrote,

Crew make-over!

With the arrival of Nanashi and the Dollmore and Leekeworld GOs, I'm finally able to give my crew the make-over I'd been wanting to since last year~!♥

List of changes:
  • Josh has moved from the Implkid body(approx. 43cm) back to his Soulkid old double body(45cm), which Ceth had been using after Marie and I decided that he should be the taller one. Joshua's implkid body is incredibly poseable, but he's shorter than Trish on it and that's a deal breaker for me. Hopefully Josh will stick to this one.
  • Ceth is now sharing the Soulkid NL body (47cm) with Nanashi, and this is the OOC reason we won't be seeing much of the latter.* I'm a little worried about how much taller he is next to Ashe and Hyuna now, but Love knows no height it should be OK.
  • New wigs for Ceth, Josh and Trish! Ceth's and Trish' are from Leekeworld, and neither of them have taken theirs off again, lol. Joshua's is from Angell-Studio, and feels the most 'right' out of all the wigs he's worn so far. It's one size too big and has really thin fibers though, so he'll still be wearing the Licht one most of the time.
  • And finally, glasses for Ceth.x3 He just needs headphones now and my frustrated musician/gaming company heir will be complete!♥

*Ceth is borrowing the body of a Souldoll Isaac I'm putting together for an online friend.
Tags: ceth, doll family, josh, nanashi, trish
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