Kanis (dollground) wrote,

Trish's head box opening

These past few months with Trish had been a mix of adorable and horrid, with one problem after another cropping up for my little girl.=( From a cracked elbow joint to an undrilled nostril, and then, finally, cracks on her face from just replacing her eyes:


Thankfully, Victoria agreed to replace her head after seeing these pictures (not her elbows joints though; I had to buy a new pair for $20). Sometime in early-February I sent her head back through EMS (which they refunded). And today, I finally got her replacement head!\o/

Now, I won't deny I was hoping for a freebie wig or a 'nice apology card'. From DoA's feedback thread, one or both of these items always seem to accompany replacement parts. But this box had neither, and was just crammed full of bubble-wrap:

And right in the middle of this nest was my little girl's head:

Triiiiiiiiiish!>w< She's really such a cutie, even while blank! The resin around her eyes still seem unbearably thin though, and I'm starting to wonder if Soom designs their heads to only hold their silicon eyes.( ._.) I know I won't get a third chance, so I'm really nervous this time.~_~

I'm also scared I won't fall back in love with her. She feels...different, somehow? But I'm hoping a face-up will do it.

Anyway, I'd like to thank everyone who stayed by my side throughout this ordeal. I whined and cried for her a lot, and everyone was so sympathetic and comforting. Thanks a lot, you guys!!♥♥♥
Tags: box opening, damage, trish
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