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[MM Themes: February: Heartbreak] When Love and Music Died

When Ceth was younger, he really wanted to become a musician. However, he had neither the skills nor the imagination to create beautiful music. Nothing he made was ever 'good enough' and he only got frustrated every time he tried.

When he was eight, he met another boy named Ashe. Ashe's bubbly and excitable personality got the then cynic and far-too-serious Ceth to start enjoying life. In his words, Ashe 'taught him how to love others again'. It was inevitable for him to fall in love with his own best friend.

Although unintentionally, Ashe inspired Ceth to take up music again. He studied hard to make a piece that would adequately express his feelings towards him. Even after Ashe moved out of the city, Ceth continued to work on his song.

He finally finished his piece about a year after they separated. But before he could confess to the other boy, Ashe told him about Althia, a childhood friend and love he'd reunited with in his hometown in Fontaine.

That very same night, Ceth tore up his music sheets. Deciding that what he had was an impossible dream and an impossible love, he gave up both music and the hope that he'd ever have love for himself.


(...And then came Hyuna, who 'taught him how to love himself again'.)

So I know a lot of people are confused by the relationship between Ashe and Ceth, and I hope this clears it up a little.^_^ Ceth currently has a girlfriend, Hyuna, and has long gotten over his heartbreak over Ashe. However, Ashe being his first love and the person who saved him from a life of bitterness, fear and hate, Ceth still tends to be...a little clingy to the other boy. Basically, he loves Hyuna but will probably have a small crush on Ashe forever.^^;

Ceth's Rockstar Dream
10 Things About Ceth
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