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Doll Family Evolution

Inspired by tirsden's "the evolution of a doll family, this entry will keep track of how my doll family grows via DoA signatures!\o/

...Not that I expect it to grow exceedingly big, of course. At least I hope not.

11/13/2012: Cethrel & Joshua.
D. Maillo's icon finally got updated into bjd_icons! Since he was originally a free event head, Souldoll didn't have a separate listing for him and his old icon read "Maillo-Wink". I bought Josh separately after the event (/biiiiitter Kanis) and requested for the icon to be changed. It's been such a long time though so I've forgotten. But I got a message that it's now available, so I immediately made this signature.x3

Josh and Ceth came home together on 11/11/11. My next signature update should be next year with Trish. I can't wait!

11/13/2012: Trish & Nanashi.
It took me awhile to get Trish's wig and a face-up I like, and Nanashi came home in the meantime! He's actually a character I didn't plan to resinize, but I'm really glad to have him. I also got a new wig, a pair of glasses and headphones for Ceth, and he looks so much more like himself now.♥

Next will be either Helios or Shaun--or, hey, maybe both?^_^

11/22/2015: Hiver, Dubbins, Kaoru, Tokiya & Helios
Oh boy. So much for using signatures to keep track of my crew, LOL! More than 3 years have passed since my last one and the twins and Trish have gotten new face-ups. I bought and re-sold 2 fulls dolls and a floating head that never made it to the sig (Malcom/DiM Sergei, Vixen/Ringdoll Wagashi and B&G Sky), and I've removed Nanashi, who I plan on selling soon. Here are the latest additions in order of arrival: Hiver (Souldoll Shaun), Dubbins (Souldoll Sarri), Kaoru (Soom Tuff), Tokiya (Resinsoul Mai) and Helios (Dollzone Mo). Kaoru and Tokiya are both floating heads and Dubbins, Tokiya and Helios are WiPs. Dubbins is a special case not only because she's the only YoSD in my crew, but because she's fashioned after my best friend.♥ So she's not really a part of Project Dollground, but I've included her in the signature all the same.

Doll name - Arrival Date
Cethrel Jean "Ceth" Kyriel - 11/11/11
Cedric Jean "Joshua/Yoshiya" Kyriel - 11/11/11
Patricia Ann "Trish" Kiryuu - 12/21/12
Kaoru/Kakeru - 11/15/13 (Arrival at Dubs)
Akatsuki "Tokiya" Yukimura - 02/04/2014
Peter Agnusdei/Hiver Vincent Durand - 03/04/14
Emily "Dubbins" Bailakis - 03/04/14
Cierno Angelo "Helios" Arca - 04/17/2015
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