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Ceth's Rockstar Dream

A short photostory I posted earlier this year revealed how Ceth is a terribly frustrated guitarist. After falling and hitting his head pretty badly yesterday however, his frustrations reached an entirely different level...

Ceth rocking it out in Mei's bed.=_=

*djent djent*

vs Fantasy
Ceth hallucinating performing at a Rock concert!=Db

And he's still on a tour, inside his head."orz Until I get him to Dra. Ricci on the 22nd, Ceth will be falling in and out of this rockstar dream because of his head injury. Here's to hoping he won't come out of it weirder than ever.

All pics by Mei, who was super nice to set this up even though it was her first doll's box opening.^^; This was a pick-me-up shoot for me, which we did right after Ceth's nasty fall:

I would have gone home a serious wreck if not for this, so thanks again, Mei! Right now I'm trying to focus on the fact that we got all the chips and the remaining cracks won't be visible underneath his wig, and that nothing important like his nose or ears got broken. Still, when I woke up this morning to find my boys beside me like they are everyday, I really felt like crying. I feel like such a bad owner.

I'm sorry, Ceth, and I love you! You'll be OK soon, I promise!/)_(\
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