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BJD Meme: 10 Things About Ceth and Josh

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10 Things About Ceth

  1. Cethrel Jean Kyriel is the eldest son of the CEO of a game development company. He's a genius at game development himself, and works as a part-time writer and tester. His favorite genre is rpg.

  2. His real love is music, but unfortunately he sucks at it. Ceth doesn't believe in 'Practice makes perfect' though, and has resigned himself to never being a good musician. His constant accessories are his glasses and headphones as soon as I buy them.orz.

  3. Aside from being kidnapped during a visit to their company's Japanese branch when he was six, Ceth has lived a perfectly normal life.

  4. From when he was six up until he met his best friend Ashe however, Ceth was a withdrawn boy who always looked as if he didn't expect a lot from the people around him. Ashe 'taught him how to love others again' and he considers Ashe as his first love.

  5. Ceth has a girlfriend named Hyuna. She 'taught him how to love himself' and he describes her as his true love. They don't get to see each other often, but he likes to spoil her a lot. Incidentally, Hyuna's twin brother, Hyesu, used to work for the syndicate that kidnapped Ceth. He doesn't like Ceth for his sister at all.

  6. Ceth is bisexual and open about it. He's also a flirt. He knows a lot of 'adult things' for someone his age (16), and confusing Ashe and Jared with sexual innuendos is one of his favorite past-times.

  7. Despite being a flirt however, Ceth is a perfect gentleman-- complete with a kiss to the lady's hand on the first meeting. But he gets upset when girls do unlady-like things like curse, and is not above giving a light reprimand.

  8. Ceth laughs/giggles a lot. It sounds something like this, while his speaking voice sounds like this. (It's Joshua, however, who is named after the character featured in these clips.)

  9. It is very hard to upset Ceth. He's the type of person who lets insults roll off him like water off a duck's back. He hasn't always been this way, but it's also hard for Ceth to not like anyone.

  10. Ceth's favorite line for convincing people to spend for themselves is, "Remember: your happiness is priceless, dear~."

10 Things About Josh

  1. Joshua [Kyriel] is not human. He's a clone created out of Ceth's left eye, to replace Ceth when the other is old enough to take over his family's company. His hair turned black instead of ginger however, and his body developed poorly. After two years, he was considered a failure and moved to a different project.

  2. He has the ability to negate other people's abilities. In this project, two dozen children were injected with all sorts of magic to see how well their bodies would adapt to it. Of the twelve, only two survived-- ESN 10-4 and 10-8, later known as Trish and Josh. But while Trish showed that she can use all of the magic introduced to her body, Josh remained 'normal'. His true ability presented itself when Trish went out of control and killed nearly everyone in the research facility.

  3. He is used to living poorly. After escaping from the research facility, Josh started to live in the streets with the other children. All of them are used to hunger and cold, and wearing worn clothes thrown out by other people. This is why Josh never asks for anything, and will wear anything given to him as long as it's not too bright or flashy.

  4. He is called 'niisan' by all the the other kids. All of the children who escaped from the facility sees him as their leader and big brother, and Ceth thinks of him as his sibling rather than his clone. Josh hates it when Ceth calls him niisan though, as he believes the boy has not suffered anywhere near as much as the facility's children. They argue about it a lot.

  5. He is quiet and standoffish. He only ever gets talkative when it comes to training. Currently, he helps Jared with his fire training (as his 'human fire extinguisher'), and trains under Aahil alongside Hyesu.

  6. He likes skylines and the view from high places. Even though he's the less outgoing of the pair, Josh likes traveling more than Ceth does. He dislikes parties and gatherings though.

  7. He is good at singing and playing the guitar. Well, better than Ceth anyway. We don't know where he picked up the skill and he'll only play when there's good reason to, like to get some peace and quiet.

  8. He tires easily. Very easily. And since he's used to not sleeping in a bed, we often find him drifting off or already asleep in the most uncomfortable of positions.

  9. He likes the occult..??? He was recently interested in hearing Maggie's stories about witches. This might be because of Trish though, who is part-witch.

  10. Unless Ceth tags along, Josh brings bad luck. This ranges from heavy traffic to jellyfish stings. His bag has a Korean mask good-luck talisman that used to work but doesn't anymore.
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