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Profile: Cethrel Jean Kyriel

Loving something doesn't necessarily equate to having the ability for it, and skills are innate and not acquired through practice. His parents taught him this, and even though his one true love is music, Ceth has long given up on his dream to be a musician. And why not? He was obviously a genius at video game production, the eldest son of the CEO of Kyriel Co., Ltd. The game developing company has released several best-selling RPGs in the past decade, two of which Ceth had helped write the storyline for himself.

Name: Cethrel Jean Kyriel
Nicknames: Ceth, Shouchan (Kyriel Co., Ltd. Japanese branch), [the other] Sissy (Dae/Maud), my caroteer (Ashe), "Innuendo Prince"
Sculpt: Souldoll Soulkid Maillo
Arrival Date: 11/11/11
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Orientation: Bisexual
Likes: music, games, Ashe, Hyuna, Josh
Dislikes: people who mishandle electronics, anyone who upsets Ashe, Hyuna or Josh, the aforementioned three being mad at him, any guy who gets too close to Hyuna, loud, grating noises
Skills/Hobbies: listening to music, playing and developing games, writing RPGs, teasing/flirting with Ashe


Joshua. Ceth treats Joshua like a twin rather than his clone, and insists on calling the other 'niisan' (brother). He's disappointed by the fact that they are not completely identical, while completely ignoring the reality that he would be dead right now had they been. Ceth also considers Josh to be 'more beautiful' than himself despite his scar. As his 'older brother' (though Joshua is technically younger by several years), Josh is one of the few people who can keep Ceth in line. He rarely does so however, which makes Ceth act out more in order to gain his attention.

See Joshua's profile for more information.

Ashe. Ceth's bestfriend, first love, and the one who taught him how to love others again.

Hyuna. Ceth's girlfriend, true love, and the one who taught him how to love himself again.

Hyesu. Hyuna's twin brother.

Jared. Jared's and Ceth's fathers were college best friends, and the two boys' families have always been close. In Japan, it's not unusual for children to use the honorific '-niisan' for slightly older friends they consider to be like siblings. But Ceth insists that brothers is being too familiar, and instead calls Jared 'cousin'. Jared, like Ashe, doesn't understand most of Ceth's sexual innuendos. Unlike with Ashe however, Ceth takes pleasure in Jared's confusion but easily gets bored of it.

Jared is a DOI Crush and stays with Jan.
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