Doll Family Evolution

Inspired by tirsden's "the evolution of a doll family, this entry will keep track of how my doll family grows via DoA signatures!\o/

...Not that I expect it to grow exceedingly big, of course. At least I hope not.

11/13/2012: Cethrel & Joshua.
D. Maillo's icon finally got updated into bjd_icons! Since he was originally a free event head, Souldoll didn't have a separate listing for him and his old icon read "Maillo-Wink". I bought Josh separately after the event (/biiiiitter Kanis) and requested for the icon to be changed. It's been such a long time though so I've forgotten. But I got a message that it's now available, so I immediately made this signature.x3

Josh and Ceth came home together on 11/11/11. My next signature update should be next year with Trish. I can't wait!

11/13/2012: Trish & Nanashi.
It took me awhile to get Trish's wig and a face-up I like, and Nanashi came home in the meantime! He's actually a character I didn't plan to resinize, but I'm really glad to have him. I also got a new wig, a pair of glasses and headphones for Ceth, and he looks so much more like himself now.♥

Next will be either Helios or Shaun--or, hey, maybe both?^_^

11/22/2015: Hiver, Dubbins, Kaoru, Tokiya & Helios
Oh boy. So much for using signatures to keep track of my crew, LOL! More than 3 years have passed since my last one and the twins and Trish have gotten new face-ups. I bought and re-sold 2 fulls dolls and a floating head that never made it to the sig (Malcom/DiM Sergei, Vixen/Ringdoll Wagashi and B&G Sky), and I've removed Nanashi, who I plan on selling soon. Here are the latest additions in order of arrival: Hiver (Souldoll Shaun), Dubbins (Souldoll Sarri), Kaoru (Soom Tuff), Tokiya (Resinsoul Mai) and Helios (Dollzone Mo). Kaoru and Tokiya are both floating heads and Dubbins, Tokiya and Helios are WiPs. Dubbins is a special case not only because she's the only YoSD in my crew, but because she's fashioned after my best friend.♥ So she's not really a part of Project Dollground, but I've included her in the signature all the same.

Doll name - Arrival Date
Cethrel Jean "Ceth" Kyriel - 11/11/11
Cedric Jean "Joshua/Yoshiya" Kyriel - 11/11/11
Patricia Ann "Trish" Kiryuu - 12/21/12
Kaoru/Kakeru - 11/15/13 (Arrival at Dubs)
Akatsuki "Tokiya" Yukimura - 02/04/2014
Peter Agnusdei/Hiver Vincent Durand - 03/04/14
Emily "Dubbins" Bailakis - 03/04/14
Cierno Angelo "Helios" Arca - 04/17/2015
Q - sexy

RP post: Reid (by yaminotenshi11) and Revo [non-angst version]

" then Shou called him 'Mommy'. Isn't that a little weird? But I didn't want to be rude so I didn't ask."

Revo looked at his brother expectantly, but Reid didn't seem to be paying any attention to him. He was staring outside the cafe window, a far-off look on his face. Revo wondered if he was thinking about their fight the day after tomorrow. That wasn't any good. They'd gone out to enjoy themselves after all, to forget about the other side of their should-be normal teenager lives. Revo frowned, but then grinned as an idea came to him.

"Hey, brother..."

He reached across the table and tapped the back of his brother's hand to get his attention. With his other hand he scooped up some of his sundae, and then spread the ice cream on the tip of his brother's nose when Reid finally turned to look at him. Revo fell back into his chair, laughing.

Souldoll double box opening~

Whoa. It's been awhile since I've posted here. Well, I wonder if people still even check LJ, haha.^^; Anyway~ here's my new kids, Peter/Hiver and Dubbins', box opening~.


Back in Winter 2011, Souldoll released their first Soulkid Sandy Brown boys. I was instantly smitten by Shaun, but I'd just received my boys and been in the hobby for less than a month--there was no way I was going to order a third doll right away. And besides, it wasn't like he was a limited. A few months after their release however, Souldoll announced that the Sandy Brown was hard to work with and would temporarily be discontinued.""orz


Fast forward to 2013, Summer. Souldoll released Souldoll Sweet Sarri, and my first thought was that she looked so much like my online best friend, Dubs. I wanted to get her right away, but, again, I'd just received Nanashi, my Souldoll Issac...yeeeah, I'm pretty dang Souled.^_^;; Counting Shaun and Sarri, I now have five Souldoll sculpts in total. But, I'm getting ahead of myself.=)

October 2013, Souldoll announced that they would be taking orders for Sandy Brown boys. I wanted to wait for their Xmas event for freebies, but they added a note that they might close the order window prematurely without notice. They didn't, but I'd been waiting for Sandy Brown Shaun's re-release for two years, I wasn't going to take my chances! Well, that and my dad passed away the month before, and I needed something really good for myself...>_<

And then Souldoll's Winter event came in December, and while the freebies weren't as good as previous years, I still really wanted Sarri so I went ahead and got her too. To save on shipping, I requested Souldoll to ship them together and unstrung. It took three months for them to be finished (which is pretty standard Souldoll waiting time and something I've gotten used to) and last March, they finally arrived!! My company was in the middle of moving offices so they picked a terrible time to arrive, but, well, enough rambling. On to the pics~!

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Trish and Ceth

Trish. This is Trish’s current face-up which I did almost a month ago. I never took a decent pic of it until today. Mostly because I don’t have the time to and partly because I don’t like it. I feel like I took a step back or something. She’s not cute and she looks more lifeless than she did when blank. It’s the first time in four face-ups that I’m not happy with her lips and there’s just something (or things) wrong with this face-up. I can’t figure out what though and it’s eating away at my confidence to try again.((T.T; )

Oh, and her wig is a mess.∑(O_O;)I haven’t had much time to play with my kids so I’m seriously wondering how it got so tangled with her just sitting down. 【・_・?】

Ceth. The first daylight pic of Ceth since he got a new wig!>w< He’s so adorable.<333 The headphones he’s wearing are from Crobidoll (for USDs, lol) and are just so perfect for him.>w< I was actually considering getting a new face-up commissioned for him, but this adorable picture convinced me that his current one would do for now. And besides, he needs new clothes. He’s been wearing the same outfit for more than a month now, ‘cause almost nothing else will fit the N.L. body.”orz


No Humor, lots of Cute, and some Character Background - Nanashi's Arrival

So this is what it feels like to be stung by Customs."orz

I had this guy (and another one for my bestie) sent through Registered Airmail, thinking that I'd be able to save myself a few bucks. What happened instead was that it got stuck in Customs for one month and three days, with Air Parcel refusing to forward it to Laguna since it was just RA and and not EMS. When they finally forwarded the package, it came with a whooping Php2.1k bill from Customs. Ack!DX But for two dolls, two outfits and a few other knickknacks, I guess that price isn't all that bad, right? *sigh*

Anyway, between the excitement of finally receiving them and doing my first Skype box opening (it was soooo much fun!), I didn't get to take any box opening pics."orz So here, have an arrival photostory instead~.^_^

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